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Tools for Positive Change

Programs for Change

Transform, Better Sleep, Reconnect with Your Partner,  Live with  more Peace, Happiness and much more. 

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The BRE Program is Non-invasive, Simple and Produces Results. BrainTek can help reboot your brain and bring it back to balance. 

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BrainTek Mobile Solutions

Sound therapies using proprietary signals to help improve specifically targeted issues such as stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, memory issues and more.

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Ask A Therapist

Ask a therapist is a convenient and solution focused feature for people who just have a question or needs some guidance, encouragement or support.

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Sophia is not only a trained healer but an intuitive, natural healer, she gets it. She did a visualization energy exercise at the beach for a group of us and it was powerful. She has radiant energy and a sweet soul. You will love your experience.


The help Annie gave was the missing piece I needed to finally move forward and feel unstuck. I feel refreshed and more ready for the days ahead.