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It's All About Self Love

ts February. This month brings a mixed bag of emotions. For some, it brings excitement, for others dread. This is a busy month for therapists. People’s expectations (whether in a relationship or not) seem to cause anxiety in February.

Well, we have a challenge for you. Why not consider February the month of love?... self love. It no longer has to be a time to feel bad or expect presents from others (or dread spending money on expensive flowers)...how about a month for self love and reflection?
Take time to care for your self. Take needed time to create the best version of you and treat yourself.
Make February something to look forward to. A time to give yourself a little attention. Think on what you need and focus on it. Self care, self compassion, self love- those are the keys to happiness. Whether in a relationship or not, let’s make February about you. Hugs from us!