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BrainTek Mobile Solutions

BrainTek Mobile Solutions


BRE Mobile Programs are general programs designed to help with a variety of issues. Each sound therapy contains proprietary signals formulated to help improve specifically targeted issues such as stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, memory issues and more. These signals are embedded into relaxing music that is accessed over the internet using headphones. The BrainTek Mobile Solutions experience is enjoyable and safe, and has been proven time and time again to help many of the challenges associated with emotional and behavioral issues.  


Sleep Refresh Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Sleep RefreshSleep Refresh is designed to help you achieve a better night sleep. Many people are unable to drift to sleep, toss and turn all night and wake up still feeling tired. Sleep Refresh will allow you to drift away to a peaceful sleep and wake-up with more energy and vitality.


Stress Relief Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Stress ReliefStress Relief will help people who suffer from emotional and mental stress at home, work and in their social life. This program can help relieve rapid mood swings, frustration, anxiety, job burnout, feelings of being overwhelmed.


Memory Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Memory RenewMemory Renew is designed for people experiencing challenges with their memory such as brain fog, mind chatter, multiple competing thoughts, forgetfulness, grasping for words and problems with recall.


Productivity Booster Sound Therapy - $37.00

Productivity BoosterThis “work survival kit” is designed to help you become more efficient at work and will help relax, refocus, relieve tension and energize your mind and body. The program contains 3 therapies; Energy Booster, Tension Relief, and Calm. Just choose whichever protocol fits your situation and take a 10-minute break. Use these as a quick pick-me-up throughout your busy workday.


Jet Lag Sound Therapy - $37.00

Jet LagBrainTek has found the areas of the brain affected by the changes in time zones. Jet Lag Solution contains specialized signals that retrain the brain’s balance for use before and following travel, and for quick energy. BrainTek’s Jet Lag Solution contains 3 mobile sound therapies and is good for people ages 6 to 96.


Pain Relief Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Pain ReliefPain Relief is designed to help you become more productive throughout the day by relieving common aches and pains


Massage Enhance Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Massage EnhanceMassage Enhance is designed to help you achieve a deeper body relaxation as you are enjoying your spa massage.


Focus Builder Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Focus BuilderHelps you become more attentive, organized and have greater mental clarity.






Trio Bundle - $37.00     

Trio BundleSleep Refresher, Stress Relief and Memory Renew 






Null-Effect Mobile Sound Therapy - $19.00

Null EffectHelps you manage the side effects of chemotherapy. You will notice improved appetite and more energy.


Great Deal Bundle - $128.00 

Great Deal BundleSleep Refresh, Stress Relief, Memory Renew, Productivity Booster, Jet Lag, Pain Relief, Focus Builder, Null Effect and Massage Enhance