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BrainTek Entrainment

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The BRE Program is Non-invasive, Simple and Produces Results.

The brain on overload is much like a computer on overload. BrainTek can help reboot your brain and bring it back to balance. Our methods alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of challenges, as well as improve personal performance.

With over twenty years of research, BrainTek Institute has developed an extremely effective program called Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) using state-of-the-art technology. This program has assisted individuals, schools, institutions, doctors and clinics through brain entrainment since 1996.

Many people have asked “How does the BRE Program work so rapidly and have the success it does in so many areas?” The answer boils down to 3 key facts. First, BRE researchers developed proprietary technology that provides real time data of the brain, unlike standard testing modules such as MRI, PET, CAT and SPECT which are only snap shots of the physical brain at a moment in time. Secondly, BRE established a method of analyzing the data from this specialized technology which provides maps of specific locations where deep rooted relational imbalances are. Lastly and ultimately, the key to BRE success is the solution provided by administering proprietary BRE Sound Entrainment Protocols that send signals to the challenged pathways in the brain leading to successful results for the clients. These protocols can then be used to help a person to improve attention, concentration, gain insight into their problems, or just relax and learn to better cope with the pressures of modern life.

The benefits of the BRE Program can come in the form of being more centered and focused, calmer in social situations, improved thinking and judgment, increased work productivity, improved academic performance, being more adaptable to change, reducing levels of anxiety and depression, improved immune system, better sleep patterns and more. This program alters cognitive behavior, correcting the brain’s stumbling blocks, which can lead to more optimal health.

Our advanced BRE technology has delivered results for people suffering from the following issues; Anger, Anxiety, Cognitive Skills, Mild Depression, Focus / Attention, Frustration, Hyperactivity, Memory, Mental Fatigue, Productivity, Sleep, Stress, Stress Related Illness and Learning Disorders. Most people receive entrainment sessions 4 days a week for about 60 minutes a day. The average program is a series of appointments over 30 days. Clients enjoy the flexibility that our unique program offers since they are able to access their entrainment protocols in-between office visits 24/7 anywhere in the world through high speed Internet. It’s like having a personal trainer for your brain show up and give you a work out, anywhere you choose.

STEP 1 BRAIN ASSESSMENTS: Each patient is administered several automated Neuro Assessments which identifies lobe specific behavior imbalances.

STEP 2 CUSTOM BRAIN ENTRAINMENT: We create a program that is tailored to the individual based upon our findings and then we proceed to entrain the brain. Most people are driven by their brain, we teach you how to take control and drive your own brain.

STEP 3 LOBE SPECIFIC SOUND PROTOCOLS: The client simply puts on headphones and relaxes to BRE Sound Protocols “music with special   frequencies, vibrations and signals” which repair and entrain the challenged pathways in the brain.  Brain Exercises are also used to enhance entrainment.