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Session - BRE 4-Week Program

Session - BRE 4-Week Program

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Once you have made your purchase contact us to schedule a session with either Sophia Hoskins MS, LMFT for phone or video sessions or Annie Rohr Psy.D, MS, MFT for phone sessions. 

Learn to Manage Your Brain with Brain Entrainment

Environmental impacts, situational impacts, and emotional impacts have an effect on our brain function and behaviors. You may have times when you feel like your mind isn't as sharp or responsive as it has been in the past. Bouts of depression or anxiety may affect your performance at work, or interest in doing things with your family and friends. These emotions and behaviors are not uncommon today.

How do you improve your focus, motivation, reduce stress and anxiety?
Using Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) can help!

BRE is a method of Brain Management that can help correct imbalances within your brain. BRE works to alleviate a wide range of symptoms and improve personal performance. By altering cognitive function and behavior, BRE corrects imbalances within the brain which can lead to more optimal health, behavior and functionality.

BRE has been shown to help with:

  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • staying calmer in social situations
  • improvements in thinking and judgment
  • better sleep patterns
  • being more centered and focused
  • increased productivity
  • enhanced academic performance
  • being more adaptable to change
  • improved immune system function

How Brain Entrainnment Works

The complete BRE Program takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Our BrainTek Certified Brain Entrainment Practitioners take you through the program step-by-step using your personal goals, detailed assessment and progress data, personalized sound therapy, and brain exercises. In as little as a few days most clients notice a difference in how they function.

Weekly 60 minute sessions are combined with sound entrainment protocol sessions delivered via the Internet 4-5 days/week. Beginning the second week, we will add brief brain exercises into your program to improve the long term results of the BRE Program.

Clients can visit our office, setup office/home visits, or take the entire program remotely via the phone/broadband Internet. Our Remote Program has proven to be extremely popular.​​​

Complete BRE Program (Four-weeks) 

  • One hour weekly assessment  
  • Participant is assigned personalized Protocol Entrainments for the week
  • Participant listens to 4 Protocol Entrainments during each week
    • 20 minute program /twice daily /every other day
    • Requires an internet connected computer or mobile device
    • Requires 20Hz headphones or earbuds
  • Two phone calls during the week to provide feedback and coaching
  • Brain Exercises introduced in week two, to enhance the protocol effectiveness
  • Young Living Essential Oils to enhance the program effectiveness
  • One sixty-minute therapeutic massage or Raindrop Technique (for local clients)

*Note: We also have other BRE programs available (prices vary). Inquire by clicking on the green "Contact Us" button if interested.